Irish Sarcoma Group

Diagnosis & Treatment

shutterstock_220536562How are Sarcomas Diagnosed?

Non-cancerous (benign) lumps are very common but can look similar to a sarcoma.

For this reason a patient may have to see several doctors and have several tests to get a diagnosis.

The tests used to check for sarcomas are:

  • Imaging tests – taking a picture of the lump and having it looked at by an expert (radiologist).¬†Imaging tests can be ultrasound, x-rays, CT scan or MRI scans.
  • A biopsy – taking a small piece of the lump using a needle and having it looked at by an expert (pathologist)

shutterstock_26939920How are Sarcomas Treated?

Surgery is the main treatment for sarcomas. However radiotherapy, chemotherapy and biological therapy can also be used to treat sarcoma.

If you have been diagnosed with a sarcoma, your doctor will discuss the best treatment option for your sarcoma. The factors your doctors will consider include:

  • the size of the lump,
  • where it is in your body,
  • the type of sarcoma.

If radiation and/or chemotherapy is to be used, these may be given before or after surgery and a number of different doctors may be involved in your care.

Sarcomas are best managed by a specialist multidisciplinary team, which includes a surgical oncologist, a radiation oncologist, a medical oncologist, a pathologist and a radiologist.